Ragalaipuram Movie Review – Below Average Comedy Flick!

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Published on January 25, 2015

Ragalaipuram Movie Review

Ragalaipuram is the latest movie featuring comedy actor Karunas in the lead role once again after movies like Ambasamudhiram Ambani and Dhindugal Sarathy. Ragalaipuram is the remake of the yesteryear Malayalam comic caper called Aanaval Mothiram released in the year 1991, which was based on another Hollywood movie called Short Time. Ragalaipuram comes nowhere near the Malayalam or the Hollywood flick, although the movie has been remade almost two decades after the original version. The comic scenes are not really comic and the unsuccessful attempt to make the audiences laugh simply irritates them.

Ragalaipuram-Movie-Stills-6Ragalaipuram-Movie-Stills-5Velu (Karunas) is a coward but gets the cop job as his father, who is a cop already, passes away. Unexpectedly, his blood sample is confused with someone else’s blood sample and hence he is said that he has blood cancer. Velu has a family of four to save and he is only one who is capable of earning. To make ends meet for them even after his death, Velu take an insurance covering twenty lakh rupees and decides to die in an unexpected way so that the insurance cover can go to his struggling family. However, things go against Velu’s wishes as lady luck is one his side. What happens next?

The concept of a coward cop is not new to Tamil cinema. Actor like Packyraj and more recently actor Madhavan too have played in such roles. The treatment is what matters the most in these kinds of comedies, and Ragalaipuram lacks a better treatment. Director Mano fails to deliver really laughable comic sequences. Although the movie features half a dozen actors including M S Bhaskar, Mayilsamy and so on to make the audiences laugh, the comedy falls flat without sense and timing.

Although Karunas has played to his strength in the lead role, the commercial elements of movie such as the item number let Ragalaipuram down big time!


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