Radhika Apte getting huge publicity by her viral selfie photos

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Published on April 4, 2015

Radhika-Apte-viral-naked-photos-selfies-issue-1Radhika Apte the young actress who acted as pair with Karthi in All in Azhagu Raja and another lead role of Prakash Raj Dhoni. As per Wikipedia actress Radhika Apte hails from Pune famous neuro surgeon family. Radhika Apte now slated lot of movies particularly Badlapur and Hunterr both are look like b-grade movies. It has lot of violence and steaming scenes.


Around couple of days back Radhika Apte naked selfies spreader virally in social media sites like WhatsApp and Facebook. As usual Radhika Apte refused and she said somebody released with shot with the girl who resembles of her. However who ever see that selfies they understand that it does not contain any Photoshop work. Another fact that whoever viewing Badlapur Radhika Apte sexy scenes and Hunterr – they surely conclude the real fact. Here is Radhika Apte sexy scene from Badlapur movie for you.

  1. Underwriter1982

    I fell in love Radhika after watching shor in the city, but after watching
    this scene I feel disgusted, the movie could have been without undressing
    her… Hayyyyy stardom and the concept of get in the character…

  2. Pranesh Shrestha

    Wow amazing

  3. suresh t


  4. siddharth sharma

    Now I think I should watch Badlapur!! 

  5. Aman Thakur

    awesome dude…keep uploading

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