Radha, Rahda daughter Karthika and Karthika sister Tulasi

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Published on March 24, 2015

Radha-Daughter-TulasiWe already know that yesteryear actress Radha’s daughter Karthika is having a run at the Tamil cinema industry. With the veteran director Mani Ratnam’s next, titled Kadal, Radha’s second daughter, sister of actress Karthika, is also marking her debut appearance in the film industry. As the shooting of Kadal is going to wrap up soon, Karthika Nair is already upbeat about the movie and about her sister’s role in the movie.

When actress Karthika Nair was available for an interview with the media people, she shared a little secret with them. She told about how her sister, Tulasi, feels about the cinema industry after marking her debut. She said that before making her debut, Tulasi, was aware of only the fanciful and glitzy side of the cinema industry. She, with a laugh on her face, added that even though she and her mother are already in the movie industries, Tulasi did not know about the realities behind the scenes that run on screen. She further stated that after becoming busy with Kadal, Tulasi has started understanding the realities and the nuances of the cinema shooting now.
When the media people asked Karthika about Tulasi’s role in the movie, Kadal, she said that she plays the female lead role. She added that although she is donning the female lead role, she is just playing the character that suits to her age. For your information, Tulasi is barely 15 years old just doing her class 10!
When she was asked about the storyline of Kadal, she did reveal very less detail. She told the media that the movie is placed against the backdrop of the sea. She added that Tulasi’s character is really an interesting and powerful one for the movie’s script. She also said that Tulasi would not have made her debut this early, if not the movie is directed by Mani Ratnam. She further added that Mani Ratnam has taken special care of Tulasi to teach her the basics of acting along with a good team of acting experts!


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