Raattinam Movie Review Rattinam A Tinsel Town Love Story Again

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Published on May 22, 2015

Balaji Sakthivel’s Kadhal in 2004 set the trend of tinsel town love stories in Tamil cinema industry. Loads of movies then followed with the same theme. It seems as if still the impact of Kadhal in the Kollywood is not out, and now, Raattinam has hit the screens with almost the same theme and storyline. This K S Thangasamy directorial has both positive and negative points, but surely, is not a movie that will have an impact in the minds of audiences, which the Kadhal gave sometimes ago.
The complete Tuticorin based Story
Raattinam’s plot moves completely in Tuticorin. The hero (Laguparan) is a youngster who has an eye for a schoolgirl (Swathi). He tries for her very hardly and does everything what it takes to impress her. She does not care about him initially, but falls for him finally. During one of their outings, they unfortunately end up getting caught by the police. This mess leads to each of their families knowing about their love affair. As usual, their families oppose their love, but the young couple manages to elope from them. Now, what happens to each of their families after the couple’s eloping? Will everything be set alright?

Rattinam director Thangasamy does great job
K S Thangasamy has handled a plot, which many filmmakers have tried and tested many times onscreen. He has done his best to show the difference from other similar – themed flicks. However, he has not managed to pull off a great show. While the first half moves with the predictable sequences, the narration heats up when the young couple end up getting caught in the police. However, again, the narration falls flat at the end.

The performances of the lead actors, Laguparan and Swathi, is not up to the mark, and they have not given enough onscreen to draw the attention of the audiences.

Overall, Raattinam deals with a same old stuff, and the movie has nothing to draw the appreciation from the audiences!

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