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Published on June 12, 2015

Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review We have seen in recent times that debutant directors come up with good scripts and writing material but fail miserably to treat it in the better way. If conceptualizing is one thing, executing is another and the not so good learners fail to understand this fact. Director Pe Na Ramesh easily falls into this category, as his latest flick Puthiya Kaaviyam does not fit for even one watch, although the script seems good enough.

Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review Here is the story of Puthiya Kaaviyam. Senthil is a happy go lucky guy in his village. A crime happens in village. A professor is found hanging dead. When everyone believes that the professor has committed suicide, Senthil suspects that there might be something mysterious behind his death. Later, he finds out that his suspicion is true. The dead professor was in a fight with a scientist whose motive is to spoil the cultivation in the village in the name of soil research. Can Senthil stop the scientist from his spoil work? Can he convince his villagers that the scientist is a wicked crook?
Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review As said already, Puthiya Kaaviyam has a tale that could have been easily made into a gripping thriller. However, low production value and pathetic treatment of the director fails to do justice to the script. Every scene and sequence looks amateurish and do not fit to the tag of a feature film.Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review
Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review
Even the characters in the movie are underwritten, in addition to miserable treatment of the script. Even the lead actor’s role fails to impress the audience. The lead actress just pops in and out of the screenplay and does not have a prominent role in the script. The most pathetic thing is that, we have a villain with lustful nature, not just for the heroine but for her widow mother too!

Overall, Puthiya Kaaviyam really is a pathetically filmed flick, which one can ignore quite easily!

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