Pulivaal Movie Review Spoilt Thriller!

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Published on April 18, 2015

Pulivaal-Tamil-Movie-Stills-6Pulivaal is one of the latest movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry. The movie is a multi starrer with actors Prasanna and Vimal playing the lead roles along with actresses Oviya, Ananya and Iniya. The movie has been directed by director G Maarimuthu. Pulivaal is supposed to be a thriller but it is actually a spoilt thriller with the masala elements coming in the way to dampen the proceedings. A good cinema lover is always left to wonder why the filmmakers always add such masala elements like comedy or songs, which add no value to the script and provide no sensible entertainment.

Pulivaal-Tamil-Movie-Stills-5Pulivaal-Tamil-Movie-Stills-5For your information, Pulivaal is the Tamil version of Malayalam flick called Chappa Kurishu, which is again a remake of the Korean original called Handphone. It is a movie about two people and the interesting sequences between them and how it turns their life. Karthick (Prasanna) is a rich man and is planning to dump his girlfriend so that he can marry the girl his parents have seen for him. However, circumstances force Karthick to miss his mobile phone, which is picked by a departmental store worker called Kasi (Vimal). The mobile phone contains some intimate contents of Karthick and Kasi begins to blackmail him. What happens at the end forms the rest of the story.

Although the movie may sound a bit like Thiruttu Payale, Pulivaal is different in characterization. Both the lead characters are shown in good and bad shades and that might sound interesting for a few. The movie at the end also gains momentum but it is too late because the audiences are not brought into that mood by earlier sequences. Director G Maarimuthu misses the right proportion. Good sequences are spoilt by placing Soori’s not so humorous comedies and pointless songs.

Overall, Pulivaal has good substance but is a spoil thriller.


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