Priya Anand Hot Bedroom scenes in 180 left the audience spellbound

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Published on March 26, 2015


180 is the only film which fared well in the box office among the new releases. Though the film fared well in Cities and won critical acclaims, it did not create a big stir in the B and C centers. The film had two heroines Nithya Menon and Priya Anand. Priya’s role in the film as “Renu”, Siddharth‘s wife won her lots of fans. She outdid the other heroine with her cheerful performance. Many famous heroines were approached for the character initially. But the director finally decided to use a fresh face not so familiar to the Tamil audience for the role.

Priya Anand has acted in two Tamil movies and two Telugu movies earlier. But she has come to limelight only after this movie. Her face and figure are of a typical South Indian girl. She does not have a very fair complexion like out top heroines or an ultra slim body. But she looks like a modern next door girl with a common face that is her great plus point. Since the heroine does not limit herself in showing glamour too, new chances are pouring in for her.

Her hot bedroom scenes in “180” left the audience spellbound. Kollywood directors have decided to make use of this reputation and make the best when the sun shines. The actress spoke to press people in Hyderabad recently. She admitted the film had given her the break she was expecting. When asked about the other heroine Nithya Menon, she told she does not have anything to comment as they hardly met in the sets. The hero Siddharth is facing the wrath of Andhra Pradesh journalists due to his infamous Tweet about them. But Priya Anand made use of her sudden publicity to befriend many famous journalists. She believes they are very important to go forward in her career.

Though Priya Anand appears only for a few minutes in the film “180”, she leaves an everlasting impression in the story. She acted well both in the romantic scenes and sad scenes. She will definitely make a mark, if she acts well without shedding the glamorous show. However, she should learn to choose films properly.


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