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Published on January 28, 2015

Piaa Bajpai the cheerful girl who stole our hearts in the film “Ko” is at the top of her career now. She is flooded with offers from various producers after the release of the “Ko”. Everyone expected the movie “Ko” will give a great start to Karthika and win lot of accolades for Jeeva. But on the contrary, Piaa is the one who scored among all the talent in the film. Her chirrupy role and pleasant acting in the film caught the attention of lot of directors. Though Piaa is in the industry for more than five years, it is after the film “Ko” she has become so famous.

The pretty girl is watched by the media with special attention now. She seems to be dating director Vijay. Piaa was introduced by him into the industry as the heroine of the film “Poi Solla Porom”. Though she was not getting any major offers for the next few years, she is in the limelight now. Naturally her personal relationship with director Vijay is also getting noticed by a lot of people. Piaa is a very bold girl and does not mind about criticisms. Recently, she flew to Hyderabad for the audio release of the “Ko” movies Telugu version “Rangam”.

She took her lover boy along with her and attended the function with him. Their intimate acts in public opened the doors for numerous rumors. Director Vijay is considered as one of the very talented directors in the industry. No wonder in Piaa getting involved with an intelligent man. When questioned about the rumors, Piaa shrugged her shoulders and refused to comment, while the director agreed they were close friends. He also told he had lot of concern about Piaa’s well being and is trying to help her move ahead in her career.

The glamorous Piaa has acted in many films in supporting roles. She is finally starting to get recognized after a long struggle. Sources say Piaa will not compromise her future by tying the knot now. But will continue her relationship with director Vijay for some more time.


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