Prabhu Deva Lands in Trouble again by Srilanka Actress Jacqueline Fernandes

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Published on May 25, 2015

Srilanka-Actress-Jacqueline-Fernandes-1Actor turned director – choreographer seems to be in the news every now and then in recent times for wrong reasons. While the actor was chased by the media for covering the controversial love and break up with the actress Nayanthara, he was again in trouble because of his wife, who filed a case against him for divorce. After solving such issues, it still seems as if the director is not free from the troubles. This time Prabhu Deva is in trouble because of the actress Jacqueline Fernandes, and the reason for the trouble is not a link up rumor, but just the fact that the actress hails from the land of Sri Lanka.

A political party called Hindu Makkal Katchi, which is based out of Tamil Nadu, has raised concerns over Prabhu Deva’s recruitment of the Sri Lankan actress for shaking her legs for a song in his latest Hindi directorial, Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya. For your information, the movie is a remake of the Tamil original Unakkum Enakkum Something Something.

The political party argues that to raise their voice in support of the Tamils living in the country of Sri Lanka they are fighting for a ban against all the trade activities with Sri Lanka. The party also adds that, while the situation is so sentimental in Tamil Nadu, Prabhu Deva has casually recruited an actress from Sri Lanka to cast her in his movie.
The political outfit also expresses its concerns by saying that Prabhu Deva has been insensitive towards the feelings of Tamil people without considering the ongoing tension between Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.

Actress Jacqueline Fernandes has already acted in a few Hindi movies and her recruitment has added a new trouble to Prabhu Deva. The filmmaker is yet to decide whether to include the song featuring the actress or not in the movie!

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