Summa Nachunu Irukku Movie Review – Comedy? Nope! No!

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Published on May 6, 2015

Power star Dr.Srinivasan

Summa Nachunu Irukku is the latest offering from director Venkatesh A, who has given some commercial outings such as Malai Malai and Maanja Velu and so on. The director, whose movies are known for mass commercial elements without caring for fundamental logic and who makes stories that rely heavily on the physique of the hero, has tried his luck with a comedy this time. There are ample evidences that Summa Nachunu Irukku is a comedy with an array of comedy actors such as Thambi Ramaiah, Power Star Dr A Srinivasan and Appu Kutty making their presence in the movie. However, none of the intended comedy scenes make you laugh!



Kannan (Thaman) earns for his life as an auto driver. Circumstances force him to rescue Anjali (Vibha) from a trouble she has with a bunch of goons. However, Anjali falls into a state of coma. Anjali’s father mistakes Kannan as the lover of Anjali. Kannan, who has never seen the riches in his life, decides to take advantage of Anjali’s coma and pretends as Anjali’s lover to seize her family wealth. However, things do not go as planned, as Anjali’s sister (Archana) and the family cook (Appu Kutty) become suspicious of Kannan! What happens next forms the rest of the script.

While comedies with a central theme of concealing the identities are not new to Tamil cinema industry, such comedies never cease to entertain the audiences. However, Summa Nachunu Irukku fails to do its justice in all aspects of a cinema. The comedy scenes hardly evoke humor and the one liners come so dumb that you forget as soon as you hear them.

Despite having some scenes in foreign locations, the camera work reduces the production value of the movie. One gets a feel of watching a Television show really. At times, Summa Nachunu Irukku gives a feel that it has been inspired from director Sundar C’s narration style, but we know that it is still not a Sundar C comedy and it, definitely, is not!

Plus Power Star Dr.Srinivasan (only for power star Facebook fans)
Minus Comedy
Verdict Want to see television show in theatre? Then see this movie






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