Poorna living together with Aadhi

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Published on April 8, 2015

Poorna who looks like Asin’s cousin is a bold and modern woman. She has the beauty and talent to be a great actress. She was introduced into Kollywood a few years back in a film co-starring Bharath. Ever since then, she got many good chances, where she proved herself. But luck still plays hide and seek with her. She did not make it to the top level actress line as none of her films were great hits. However, the actress has many other things to worry other than her career.

She is a very social person and has numerous friends. She is one actress who never fails to show up in gossip columns, right from the time of her first film. Poorna was gossiped with each and every hero she had acted so far. Now it is actor Aadhi’s turn. Aadhi was the hero of the film “Aadu Puli”. Poorna became very close to him, during the shooting. The duo’s chemistry worked great on the screen. Many people praised they made a great couple. It seems the actress took it very seriously. Gossip factories in the industry confirm she has a strong relationship with the actor, which Poorna never denied.

Poorna living together with Aadhi

The latest news is that, they have moved into a house living together without any formalities. Aadhi is getting a few good chances after he proved his mettle in many films. Poorna’s diary is full as usual, as she is flooded with offers from many small budget producers. Poorna’s sweet face is a big hit in B and C centers and they are looking forward eagerly, for her next movie. Poorna continues to concentrate on her career and her relationship with Aadhi without any problem now. Since they live together, she need not spend time to meet him outside the house, fearing the press people.

The Kollywood industry which is a bit reserved in such matters is shocked by the couple’s straight forward lifestyle. But none of them are ready to give any comments about that. Some even complemented them on their honesty, as it is an increasing habit in the modern city. Neither Aadhi nor Poorna have any idea to get into marriage or a deeper relationship. They just want to have fun when they are still working hard to build their careers.

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