Pooja Kumar keeps us Guessing about the Sequel to Viswaroopam

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Published on July 14, 2012

For the people in cinema industry, especially, the actors and directors, it is an easy job to keep people guessing about the surprise things. Even the young Pooja Kumar, who is the leading lady of Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Hassan’s Viswaroopam, does it very well, although she is new to the industry.

There are reports circling in the industry that Kamal Hassan is gearing up with the second edition of his yet to be released flick, Viswaroopam. The reports also claim that Kamal Hassan has already canned a few scenes for the sequel already along with the shooting of the first edition. Quiz about all these reports to Pooja Kumar, she gives us no clues whether these reports are true or false.

When the media reporters asked her regarding the sequel rumor of Viswaroopam, she did not say a binary answer. When asked whether she too got involved in the canning of scenes for the second part of the movie, she simply replied that she is just an actress and has to obey the director and has to act in the scenes which he cans. She added that her work ends with just acting as the director wants and not questioning him. However, she also confused the people saying that even she too is unsure whether Kamal Hassan would use a few scenes, which he shot with her, for the Viswaroopam’s sequel.

When the reporters pressed her more on the sequel rumors, she became evasive by saying that she definitely would not like to spoil the mystery behind all those reports, if Kamal Hassan is sure of making a sequel flick.

Now, this is an instance how Pooja Kumar, who is so young in cinema industry, has learnt the art of keeping people guessing about the surprise packages.

For your information, Kamal Hassan’s Viswaroopam also stars Andrea Jeremiah and the movie’s rushes are already creating huge buzz in the K – Town!


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