Pollangu Movie Review A Thriller that Gives No Thrills or Chills

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Published on February 3, 2015

It is not unusual that some fresh talent in the industry take up thriller as the genre for the debut flick. Director Gandhi Marx has tried offering another thriller to the Tamil audiences with Pollangu. However, the Kollywood movie watchers have already witnessed some fantastic thriller works with the likes of Yaavarum Nalam and so on in recent times. If one really wants to satisfy the Tamil movie watchers with a thriller, it is easy to understand that the flick should be better than the older ones or at least up to the mark of the older ones. Pollangu seems to have nothing in the script to do any such thing.

has a usual storyline. A couple (Ravi Rahul and Nisha Lalvani) have come to a forest for their honeymoon. However, a gang of men chase them for some reason. The rest of the movie tells the audience why the gang is chasing them. It also tells if the couple succeeds in getting away from the gang who are on their hot heels.

First of all, Pollangu means ‘Never tell a lie’. It is sure that audience would wonder why the director Gandhi Marx has named the movie with such a title, as there is not even a single sequence in the movie to explain the reason.

Another point is that thriller movies are meant to thrill the movie watchers by creating the anticipation in their minds and by revealing some shocking surprises and twists. Pollangu fails to do that. The opening sequence of the movie begins well with a couple trying to run for life from a gang. However, the sequence repeats for many times even in the first half in different locations of the forest, and the protagonist comes up as the savior for the heroine every time. Such redundant sequences really test the patience of the audiences.

The second half is worse than the first half, as the real reason behind the chasing is revealed too later than expected. The casting is another big problem and the conversations are simply pain for the ears.

Overall, Pollangu leaves the audiences with no thrills or chills!


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