Pillayar Theru Kadaisi Veedu Review A Family Drama after a Long Time

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Published on June 8, 2015

Pillayar Theru Kadaisi Veedu – A Family Drama after a Long Time

The title of the film itself suggests the genre of the movie symbolically. As the audience guess it is a Vikraman type family drama with an unexpected twist in the climax. Jithan Ramesh plays the role of an irresponsible youth Ganesan. He lives with his happy family, spending time with his friends and enjoying life. The film travels in an interesting note in the first half of the film. Jithan Ramesh really sets in well with comedy, representing a spoiled village youth.

Sandhya the heroine enters his life as his sister’s friend. Both Sandhya and Ganesan fall for each other, but Ganesan’s marriage is fixed with his aunt’s daughter Valli. Ganesan learns Sandhya has cancer just before the marriage, and marries her to the disgust of his family members. In a rather unexpected climax, the heroine says it is Ganesan counting his days suffering from a deadly disease.
The heroine also reveals she married him to save the life of Valli and bear a hire to the family, in which she had succeeded. The hero dies after meeting his family for a final time, leaving the audience wonder what the director is trying to establish. We feel like watching a 60s movie in many scenes. City audience gives out a hearty laugh during the climax.

Jithan Ramaesh should have done much better. His performance is not mature enough make the audience feel sorry for him. It seems he did much better in his first movie. Sanchita Padukone is the heroine. She too should do a lot of homework in acting. The hero’s friends and Jayaprakash who acts as the hero’s father have given a neat role. The mother, sister, aunt, Valli everyone seems so much like serial characters. They cry their heart out whenever they get a chance.

One thing to appreciate in the movie is Jithan Ramesh’s dance movements. Though wasted a lot, he is quite a talented dancer. The editing of the film is also good. All the scenes are crisp and short. Music by Chakri is not so impressive. Since the story is set in village background, we get to see a lot of green fields throughout the movie. Watch the movie if you love family dramas. Else tune up to a serial to get the same effect.


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