Paradesi Movie Review – Bala is back with a Bang!

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Published on February 18, 2015

PARADESI-REVIEW-AT-DAILOMO-5Director Bala always sticks to one kind of filmmaking – the Bala kind of filmmaking. No other director in recent times had the guts to take the road travelled by Bala, who portrays the lives of people who live in dark and grey shades on earth. His treatment of characterization is no less than what you see in real life. This extreme lover of reality has delivered unforgettable movies like Sedhu, Nandha and Pithamagan. However, the director did not find success in the box office with his last outing Avan Ivan. Bala, however, this time manages to get back on track with a bang with Paradesi!

is the on screen portrayal of the novel called Red Tea written by Paul Harris Daniel. The movie shows the struggles of people who are caught in the name of Coolies in a tea plantation estate and find no way to escape. The movie is a period flick that dates back to 70 years from now. Rasa or Ottu Perukki (Atharva) is one among the people who migrate from their home village to somewhere near Munnar to earn a life as coolies in a Tea plantation estate. Little they know that the estate would treat them worse than treating dogs. Will they find an escape?

They say that it is always too tough to convert a good novel into a film, but it seems director Bala has managed to do so. Paradesi would be a treat to watch for those who want to see an honest, deeply driven cinema that is no different from reality. The big advantage, as in any Bala film, is the characterization. The characters move the story and they speak not only in words but also in body language.
For actors, it is tough to act in a Bala’s flick, but they always deserve the rewards. Atharva makes a stunning performance in Paradesi, whose expressions and body language move the audiences deeply into the film. Dhanshika and Vedika might get a break with this movie for their scintillating performances.
G V Prakash Kumar’s music is another plus for the Paradesi and editor Kishore keeps it tight and raw with just two hours of runtime. Chezhian’s camera brings the audiences the exact backdrop in front of the eyes and the movie turns out to be a real visual treat.

To make it all in a sentence, Bala gets it all right in Paradesi. No mistakes and is a must watch.


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