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Published on March 30, 2015

Pandi-Oli-Perukki-Nilayam ReviewPandi oli peruki nilayam is the latest flick from the director Raasu Madhuravan, who has already done movies such as Pandi and Maayandi Kudumbathaar. Just like his previous two outings, his latest flick too follows the same genre telling stories from the lives of people who live in villages and small towns. Paandi Oliperukki Nilayam, to be exact, has a good comedy track with a good number of comedy actors helping a bit, but still fails to appeal to the audiences as a good flick overall.

Pandi-Oli-Perukki-Nilayam Review
Pandi oli peruki nilayam revolves around the life of ‘Mike Set’ Paandi (Sabarish) who runs a sound and audio equipments shop in his small town located in Dindigul. Impressed with his manliness and character, Valarmathi (Sunaina), a rich girl from a rich family falls in love with him. Overcoming all the difficulties, finally, their marriage is set to be arranged. However, unfortunately, Paandi meets with an accident and loses all his memory and senses. Can he get back to his normalcy and will his marriage with Valarmathi take place somehow?
Pandi-Oli-Perukki-Nilayam Review
Raasu Madhuravan seems to have given so much importance to the comedy track with a line of comedians including Karunas, Thambi Ramaiah, Soori and Singam Puli. However, he fails to give the same sort of attention to other elements of the movie. It is because of the comedy scenes, other things like the story sequences just appear as a gap fulfilling the comedy scenes in between. Pandi-Oli-Perukki-Nilayam Review
The real plot of the movie does not seem to have continuity and thus the fluidity of the screenplay is missing. Sunaina seems pretty impressive in taking care of her role very perfectly. However, Sabarish, son of FEFSI Vijayan, needs a bit of work to do still to become a good actor.

Too much comedy scenes, poorly treated plot sequences, unnecessary sub plot and not so good songs pull down Pandi oli peruki nilayam  from the standards of a good movie.

Verdict – Pandi oli peruki nilayam -Nothing except the Comedy Appeals Good!

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