Paandianadu Movie Review – Sentiments and Sensible Action!

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Published on April 12, 2015

Pandia-Naadu-Stills-1Paandianadu is one of the latest flicks to hit the screens for this Diwali in Tamil cinema. The movie is clashing with the big releases such as Aarambam and All In All Azhagu Raja without worries and the reason is quite obvious. The movie has got stuff and we know that director Suseenthiran always makes sense, forgetting his Rajapaattai, in his movies.  Paandianadu is also touted to be the comeback movie for actor Vishal, who has not produced any hits recently. The movie stars veteran director Bharathi Raja in an important role in addition to actress Lakshmi Menon as Vishal’s love interest on screen.

Pandia-Naadu-Stills-8Pandia-Naadu-Stills-2Paandianadu is story about a family’s happiness destructed by the mafia atrocities. Shivakumar (Vishal) runs a mobile repair shop and is a great fan of non violence. He has a brother called Nagaraj, who works as a government employee. Nagaraj exposes the illegal and inhuman activities happening at the quarry of Ravi. As a result, Ravi’s quarry is shut down. Driven by vengeance, Ravi kills Nagaraj. Suffering from the loss Nagaraj, Shivakumar’s father Kalyana Sundaram (Bharathi Raja) hires paid killers to assassinate Ravi. Shiva Kumar too tries his own luck in killing Ravi. However, Ravi escapes from these two attacks and becomes aware of his killing attempts. What follows next?

Pandia-Naadu-Stills-3While story is the base, a good screenplay is always the backbone of a good cinema. Director Suseenthiran has understood this fact very well. His Pandianadu, which is nothing but a story of family sentiments and vengeance, keeps the audiences in tact with its cleverly written screenplay. The first and the second halves of the movie have some unexpected twists and these twists, along with the strong characterization of all the important characters, make sure the audiences are not taken for granted.

The relationship between Vishal and Bharathi Raja, the cute love story between Vishal and Lakshmi Menon and the power of the villain have all been given apt importance, which makes the movie sensible enough to watch, although it comes under the commercial tag. Importantly, the actors have performed exceptionally well too to bolster the movie.

Paandianadu, although a commercial and action flick, makes sense and is worth the money!

Plus Screenplay which tied the audience with seat throughout entire movie
Minus Need to search
Verdict Worthwatch in theatres


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