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Published on May 6, 2015

Oruvar-Meedhu-Iruvar-Saindhu-movie-stills-7 Oruvar Meedhu Iruvar Saindhu is one of the latest movies to hit the screens recently in Tamil cinema industry. The movie has been directed by Balashekaran and stars new faces along with the veterans in the industry Vishu and Bhagyaraj, who have acted in extended cameo roles. The movie has a bizarre script that might not interest the family audiences and the execution definitely is not for any kind of cinema lover in Tamil cinema.

Oruvar-Meedhu-Iruvar-Saindhu-movie-stills-3Oruvar-Meedhu-Iruvar-Saindhu-movie-stills-4The title says it all when it comes to the plot of Oruvar Meedhu Iruvar Saindhu. Two girls, who are friends from their childhood, come to a bizarre decision regarding their marriage. Both of them decide to marry the same person and live together forever in their lives. Ganeshan (Lagubaran) gets caught in the middle of these two girls. A pilgrimage (Bhagyaraj) finds a role to play in the life of Ganeshan to make his marriage a reality. However, the girls still are stubborn and what follows next and what happens to Ganeshan forms the rest of the plot of Oruvar Meedhu Iruvar Saindhu.
Director Balashekaran seems to have gone with the different kind of plot, but his execution follows the same old tried and tested path, which the Tamil cinema audiences have witnessed for a long time in the industry. There are two love stories in the movie and both of them follow the same kind of sequences and formula, which might bore the audiences.

The pathetic thing is that both the love stories occupy a good amount of first and second half, which further annoys the audiences. Even the wit of the veteran actors Bhagyaraj and Vishu does not come to the rescue act. Regular fight sequences, songs further dampen the screenplay.

Overall, Oruvar Meedhu Iruvar Saindhu is not a flick one would certainly enjoy!

Oruvar Meedhu Iruvar Saindhu  – Far from an Average Flick!


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