Onbathula Guru Movie Review – No Wit but Slapstick Style of Comedy

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Published on March 25, 2015

Onpathile-Guru-5Onbathula Guru is one the latest movies to hit the screen for this weekend in Tamil cinema and stars the comeback star Vinay Rai in the lead role. The movie has an ensemble cast including the names like Premji Amaran, Sathyan, Aravind Aakaash and has actress Lakshmi Rai playing the female lead role. The trailer and the promos of the movie promised an out and out comic entertainer, and the director has delivered just the same in Onbathula Guru. However, this movie is not for the ones who expect intelligent wits on screen.

Onpathile-GuruHere is the plot of Onbathula Guru. Named after popular Tamil flicks, Billa (Vinay Rai), Ranga (Sathyan), Guru (Charms) and Kochadaiyaan (Aravind Aakaash) are bored of their marriage life. The friends decide to relive their bachelor life for a change and hence pack their bags to Bangalooru. There they meet their old friend Charles (Premji Amaran) who joins their jolly stay in Bangalooru. Things take a turn when a girl called Sanjan enter their jolly stay and what happens next forms the rest of the plot.

The debutant director P T Selvakumar seems to be quite sure of what he wanted to deliver to the audiences – comedy. Comedy in Onbathula Guru is more of slapstick style rather than the intelligent with like you see in a few Kamal Hassan movies. The scenes time and again keep the house laugh and everyone including the lead role tries their attempt in making people laugh.
The negative thing in Onbathula Guru is the plot, which is very thin like wafer. The movie, though manages to move from one point to another, the plot offers nothing to think about for the audiences. The music by the music director K sounds peppy especially the number Vaa Machi Vaa.

Overall, the Onbathula Guru is for the comic lovers who want to forget logic!


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