Nugam Movie Review – Well Spoiled Thriller!

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Published on May 4, 2015

Nugam-Movie-Stills-6Nugam is one of the latest movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema. Nugam comes as a low profile and less promoted movie, which is touted to be a thriller. The movie consists of elements of terrorism and has a good concept as the main theme. However, the director’s inefficiency in handling the script and his treatment to the screenplay and the most unfortunate portrayal of lead characters by the lead actors make Nugam a complete waste of time.

Nugam-Movie-Stills-1Jey (Jey Bala) is an assassin and he has a task at hand. He has to kill the central minister who comes to Tamil Nadu for a visit. Kathir (Vijayakumar) is a thrill loving man and he joins hands with Jey to plot and execute the killing of the Central Minister. In the meanwhile, Kathir also falls in love with a girl (Ineya). During the proceedings, Kathir learns that Jey’s plan is not just to kill the corrupt minister but also to plant bombs throughout the city and kill innocent people. Kathir’s conscience urges him to stop Jey but that is not going to be easy. What follows next?

Nugam-Movie-Stills-2Nugam has a very interesting concept that could have been made into a beautiful thriller. However, the treatment of the script by the director matters the most in these kinds of thrillers. Director Jeffy fails to give a fair treatment to the script and hence Nugam becomes a complete waste of time. Seduction scenes and songs simply hamper the already poorly written screenplay.

The two and half hour movie is also plagued by blatant portrayal of the lead characters. The actors, except Ineya, fail to maintain a proper body language and even fail to deliver the dialogues in a prompt way.

Nugam can be easily avoided even by the thriller lovers!



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