Nimirnthu Nil Movie Review – Swift but Preachy!

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Published on April 11, 2015

Nimirnthu-Nil-Movie-Stills-3Nimirnthu Nil is the latest movie from director Samuthirakani who is known for his movies like Nadodigal and Porali. The movie is also perceived to be the comeback movie for actor Jayam Ravi whose previous flick called Aadhi Bhagavan did not go well with the Tamil audiences. Nimirnthu Nil has it all in its name. The movie deals with the various illnesses of the society and the protagonist fighting to prove a point. The movie is swift in its proceedings initially, but things fall off sense and the movie becomes preachy at the end.

Nimirnthu-Nil-Movie-Stills-8Aravind is a man who plays the game by the rule books. He expects the same from the society but he ends up being disappointed many a time. On his bad day, due to his honest approach to real life situations, he ends up in jail with unforeseen circumstances happening in an array. However, he is bailed out by his friend. He sends all the corrupt officers, who were responsible for his ill fated day, by managing to lodge and win a case against them. All those officers, 147 totally, join hands together to take on Aravind. Will the honest man survive against the corrupt forces?

Nimirnthu-Nil-Movie-Stills-5Director Samuthirakani always has a point to prove in his movies. In Nimirnthu Nil it is direct and straight forward. The director has written a swift and to the point screenplay for his first half of the movie, where the characterization of the lead role and the sharp and witty dialogues of the director make the audiences to question so many things about the real life society.

The movie, however, loses all the sense when the director wants to insert some twists in the plot. The sequences become quite cinematic and the movie becomes preachy far from being witty and sharp. More intelligent screenplay and less love of cinematic twists would have made Nimirnthu Nil a great watch.


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