Neram Movie Review – A Good Race against Time!

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Published on April 24, 2015

Neram-movie-stills-3Neram is one of the latest movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry. The Pistah song promotion on the television channels had surely made heads turn on to this movie, which does not have any big shot actor acting in it, except actor Nasser. Neram is not just another Tamil flick.

The director of the movie, Alphonse Putharen, packs Neram neatly within a two hour period, understanding the importance of time. Neram is crisp and sharp and will make the audiences laugh. Surely, the movie is not a disappointment.

Neram is a one – day stuff. It tells the twists and turns that happen in the life of Vetri (Nivin Pauly) and how he sorts out all his mess in his life. Here is the detailed plot. Vetri is a jobless guy in Chennai, but is in need to meet a lot of responsibilities in his life. He has to take care of the love life, as his girlfriend Veni (Nazriya Nazim) is not in good terms with him. He has to repay the loans he bought from Vatti Raja (Simha), who is ruthless when it comes to repayment dues. He has a cop coming after him after Veni’s father giving a complaint against him. All he has is just one day to solve the problems. Can he?

Neram easily falls into the category that already has movies such as Soodhu Kavvum, Pizza, Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom and so on. It is the category of movies that uplift Tamil cinema to new heights and push the industry to interesting new corners.

Neram has humor interlaced into the plot and uses every element well. The casting fits to the bill, the screenplay do justice to the title and the movie works well in parts, although the story is not something new. Even the songs do not come has a halt to the proceedings, but lift the entertainment factor much higher.

Audiences surely shake up the house with big laughter, but the problem with Neram is that comedy is not consistent throughout the runtime. Some might think that there were more meaty wits in the movie!

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