Ner Ethir Movie Review – Hero Gets Cheated. Movie Watchers too!

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Published on February 7, 2015

NER-ETHIR-4Filmmakers often try to exploit grey substances such as extra marital affairs, lovers being cheated and so no. Such themes added with elements of thrill can become very good watch for matured audiences. However, poor narration or too much of anything in such movies will completely spoil the show. Unfortunately director M Jayapradeep seems to have not understood the concept very well for his Ner Ethir, which is the latest thriller movie to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry, comes very much disappointing to the audiences.

Here is the plot of Ner Ethir. Kathir (Parthi) understands that his fiancee Isha (Vidya) is having an affair with another guy. Unable to tolerate this, he wants to take the extreme and violent step of murdering her. However, he decides to catch her during her act so that he can get to know who the guy who is involved in an affair with his fiancée. Hence, he starts stalking Isha and books a room opposite to her room in a hotel. He stays there to unravel his act of murder after catching the two. In the meanwhile, Kathir calls his best friend Karthi (Richard) and reveals the plan to get some support without realizing the fact that it is Karthi who has an affair with Isha. What happens to the three?

Ner Ethir could have been a good thriller for matured audiences if the ingredients were in right amounts. Unfortunately, they are not. There is an unnecessary comedy track, which dampens the proceedings. The lead character’s reaction seems extreme right from the start and the female lead role’s characterization is too weak and awfully written.

The movie is very short, which just spans for just one hour and forty minutes, but it becomes too tiring for the audiences right from the start as nothing appears good on screen.

Verdict: Better to take rest in home and take deep sleep. Your body will relax at least.


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