Nee Enge En Anbe – The Unique Remake Keeps Its Promise

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Published on May 8, 2015

Nee-Enge-En Anbe-Stills-and Review at Dailomo.ComNee Enge En Anbe the Tamil-Telugu bilingual remake of the blockbuster Hindi film Kahaani direct by Sujoy Ghosh has been a long awaited release in the K-town. The take of the veteran Telugu director Sekhar Kammula, and Nayanthara the lead actress of the movie, on the original flick was something that every viewer was awaiting to experience. The remake, like many other, was far from being a disappointment, rather according to the Deccan Chronicle, for the viewers who have not seen Kahaani, Nee Enge En Anbe is a 10 on 10 movie.

Nee-Enge-En Anbe-Stills-and Review at Dailomo.ComSekhar Kammula has not really opted for a frame by frame translation of the movie in this bilingual remake, but he has left his signature through interesting modifications of the plot at some points. Though according to some, these are the points where the movie fall from the original one, but according to the masses, the audacity of the director to modify a super hit movie, is something to be appreciated. Unlike the original, here the leading cast, Nayanthara, an US based IT professional, which reaches Hyderabad in search of her missing husband, is not a pregnant women like Vidya Bacshi in the original film. Rather she is a young and smart woman with the courage to go to any extent to find out her husband.

Nee-Enge-En Anbe-Stills-and Review at Dailomo.ComThe plot interestingly portrays the other characters of the movie that mostly include police officials. At one hand it shows Parthasarathy, the honest police officer to do his best to help Anamika and on the other it also showed characters like Pasupathy who tried to exploit her. There are also few additions to the original plot, like Sarathy taking Anamika to meet his mother, and the arrival of a special task force in the hotel room where Anamika was staying to humiliate her and so on.

The plot and the narrative style are gripping, but the performances of the leading actors might be a bit disappointing especially when compared to their Hindicounterparts. To sum it up, Nee Enge En Anbe is an interesting movie, which can be engaging and enjoyable.

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Nee-Enge-En Anbe-Stills-and Review at Dailomo.Com
Nee-Enge-En Anbe-Stills-and Review at Dailomo.Com

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