Nazriya Placed No Conditions Says Director Balaji Mohan!

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Published on February 17, 2015

Nazria-Nazim-5Actress Nazriya Nazim is making news quite often than before after her Naiyaandi controversy. The young actress went to the extent of filing a complaint in Nadigar Sangam stating that the filmmakers of Naiyaandi have used a body double of her in an intimate song sequence without her knowledge, which is against the actor contract rules. The actress also shared a picture of the alleged intimate song sequence featuring her and actor Dhanush in a compromising position. The issue became big in Tamil cinema industry, although both Nazriya and the filmmakers resolved it arriving at the amicable situation.

After the controversy, many filmmakers hesitated and thought twice to rope in Nazriya Nazim to play the female lead roles in their movies. The industry insiders also revealed that many filmmakers have expressed displeasure over the actress’ strong action. Well informed sources revealed that Nazriya is not a primary choice of filmmakers down the south any more. The sources added that using a body double is a norm in cinema practices and that the actress has reacted quite strongly earning displeasure of many top filmmakers. The sources also told the media that Nazriya will now struggle to get big flicks in Tamil cinema.

Director Balaji Mohan, who is going to Nazriya Nazim in a Tamil – Malayalam bilingual, differs however. The young director who tasted success with his Kaadhalil Sothapuvathu Eppadi has told the media that Nazriya behaved very professionally when he roped her in for the project. The director added that Nazriya did not place any conditions during the photo shoot sessions for his project. He stated that Nazriya is in fact quite cooperative to him and to other crew members of the unit till now and he is facing no problems at all with the actress!


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