Nazriya Nazim is a Chatterbox Says Arya!

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Published on March 4, 2015

Raja-Rani-Nazriya-Nazim-1Actress Nazriya Nazim is just one film old in Tamil cinema industry, but she has already garnered enough attention from the Tamil cinema watchers and critics. The young actress played the female lead role in the much spoken movie called Neram, which also starred actor Nivin Pauly in the lead role. The actress, with her cute looks and good acting performance, has gained a good number of followers already. The actress, who portrayed a sensible and non – bubbly type of role in Neram, does not appear to be in real life it seems.

Raja-Rani-Arya-1Actor Arya, who is acting along with Nazriya Nazim in the upcoming movie called Raja Rani, claims that Nazriya Nazim is so bubbly that one can call her a chatterbox. The actor adds that the teen actress never stops talking on sets. It seems as if the actress chit chats with her co stars a lot on sets and actor Arya has revealed this thing funnily. The actor has also added that Nazriya Nazim would never put on weight even if she eats whatever she likes to eat. The actor continued that the reason is that she constantly talks on sets and all her calories would be burned easily that she would never gain weight and that she does not have to work out. Arya said that the bubbly nature of Nazriya Nazim would come to the fore in her upcoming films where she is playing a few bubbly roles, which suit her real nature very well.

For your information, Raja Rani movie, which stars Arya and Nazriya Nazim, also has actress Nayanthara playing the female lead role. Actor Jai is also playing an important role in the movie. The movie’s teaser has already created a wave among the netizens for its creative content. The audio for the movie is expected on August 23.
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