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Published on April 27, 2015

Nazria-Nazim-1Actress Nazriya Nazim is one of the currently top trending actresses in Tamil cinema industry. This is not just because of the success of her last release Raja Rani, but also due to the issue she faced with Naiyaandi filmmakers. Earlier the Neram actress lodged a complaint in Nadigar Sangam alleging that the filmmakers have used a body double of her to shoot some intimate song sequences without bringing it to her knowledge. She also took the issue to Facebook and other internet media to get the support of her fans. She even went on to post a photo of the alleged dance sequence.

Much has happened in the last week all pertaining to the Naiyaandi movie issue. There were misunderstandings on the sides of both Naiyaandi filmmakers and actress Nazriya Nazim. However, now it seems as if all problems have been sorted between both the parties. Now, Nazriya again has approached the fans and followers to support the movie and has written a long explanation regarding the issue.

Nariya wrote in Facebook that much has happened regarding Naiyaandi issue and hence she is in need to give a detailed explanation from her side. She said that she has now withdrawn the complaint that she lodged against the filmmakers of Naiyaandi in Nadigar Sangam. She added that the filmmakers have understood her views and sentiments and hence have agreed to edit the alleged song sequences that features the body double of Nazriya in an intimate. The actress also said that even the trailer of the movie has been edited by removing the alleged sequences.

The young actress continued that many of the Tamil cinema followers might be angry with her considering that the issue is nothing but a publicity stunt to add hype to the movie. The actress added that Tamil cinema followers and her fans have to trust her on this issue, as she stated that what she said was completely true.

Nazriya concluded saying that Naiyaandi is a good family entertainer and that all should see the movie for sure!

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Nazriya Nazim takes it on against the Naiyaandi Team!

Nazria-Nazim-2Young Nazriya Nazim seems not only to be a pretty girl but also a bold girl. The Neram actress is playing the female lead role opposite actor Dhanush in the soon to be released movie called Naiyaandi, which has been directed by director Sargunam who has the credits of directing Kalavaani. The movie is scheduled to release on 11th of this month, but it seems as if things are not normal between actress Nazriya and the filmmakers.

Nazriya has lodged a complaint against the producer and director of the movie stating that they have used a body double to shoot a scene without bringing that to her knowledge. The young actress complaining against the soon to be released her own project has come as a shock for many in Tamil cinema industry. Many are already appreciating the bold move of the actress.

Actress Nazriya herself confirmed that she has lodged a complaint in the Nadigar Sangam against the filmmakers of Naiyaandi for allegedly using a body double for her without her let her know about it. The actress confirmed her complaint to her fans and followers in her Facebook page. The young actress has further revealed that there is a scene in the movie for which the director has used a body double of her, and the thing is that the scene is quite intimate, which she refused to do when the director asked her to perform in front of the camera.

The actress has also posted a photo of the alleged scence in which actor Dhanush is holding Nazriya from the back in a tight and intimate manner. Nazriya is wearing a bright colored saree and actor Dhanush is wearing a bright and glossy dress. A few foreigners are also seen in the picture, which suggests that the scene could be a sequence in a song of the movie!

Nadigar Sangam is yet to decide on the issue!

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