Nayanthara not interested to Pair up with actor Pasupathy

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Published on April 13, 2015

Nayantara-in-half-saree-dailomoNayanthara is going at a full pace and is taking up acting seriously, especially, after her break up with Prabhu Deva. After her return to the industry, many movies offers from all the southern movie industries are flooding at her door steps. However, the actress is choosing her projects wisely, so that her image is not affected in any way.

The latest rumor about this Kerala beauty is that she has walked out of a Malayalam movie project stating that she is not interested to pair up with actor Pasupathy. A debutant director called Mohan was about start a new project in Malayalam with superstar Mammootty in the lead. He also seemed to have approached Nayanthara to play the female lead role opposite Mammootty. Earlier, Nayanthara was pretty impressed with the story and the role for her in the movie. In addition to this, since Mammootty was playing the lead role, she agreed to play the female lead role.

Nayantara in BikiniThe things, however, did not go as expected. Mammootty seemed to have demanded the producers one crore rupees as his remuneration. However, the producers were not interested to give him that big money. Hence, Mammootty has walked out of the project. The bosses of the project, then, decided to cast Pasupathy in the lead role. Since actor Pasupathy and Nayanthara are well known faces in Tamil cinema, the makers also decided to make the movie in Tamil too.

Actor Pasupathy
Nayanthara, after coming to know about the change of cast, is not interested any more to act in the project it seems. Actor Pasupathy is just a character artist and is not a mainstream hero in Tamil cinema. Hence, Nayanthara does not want to pair up with him it seems. Hence, she has told the movie producers that she is not a part of the project anymore. Now, the makers of the movie are in need to find another actress to play the female lead role!
Nayanthara in Half Saree

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