Nayanthara and Narziya Nazim – The new Cat Fight in Tamil Cinema

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Home Hot News Nayanthara and Narziya Nazim – The new Cat Fight in Tamil Cinema
Published on February 20, 2015

Cat fight between actresses is a quite a common issue in any cinema industry. Tamil cinema is not an exception to this. Many clashes have taken place between actresses for a long time in the Tamil cinema industry. The latest one could be between the comeback queen Nayanthara and the young and beautiful Nazriya Nazim. Yes! Although it is surprising, it seems as if the young actress is ready to take head on one of the senior actresses in the industry.

Nazriya-Nazim-3We all know that Nazriya was mired in controversy created by the Naiyaandi movie. The movie, as claimed by Nazriya, had some alleged song sequences involving her body double in compromising positions with actor Dhanush. The actress lodged a complaint against the filmmakers and what followed was a big drama. An amicable situation was arrived between Nazriya and the filmmakers and everything went smooth afterwards. However, unfortunately, the movie did not do well in the box office. It was during the time when the Naiyaandi controversy was at its peak, actress Nayanthara lent her supportive voice for her Raja Rani co star. Interestingly, both the actresses gelled well together back then.

Nayanthara-1The support and advice of Nayanthara seems to have not gone well with Nazriya. The Neram actress has now fired back some words of anger against Nayanthara. Nazriya seems to have told some media personnel that she knew what to do with her problem (Naiyaandi problem) and that she did not ask any one for advice. She also added that she would not like any one to interfere her life’s decisions and that people should mind their own business.

If the sources are to be believed, it seems as if Nazriya has openly mentioned the name of Nayanthara when she vented out her irritation to the media. If this issue bursts up, then the industry insiders say that there is a possibility of a big cat fight between Nayanthara and Nazriya!


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