Nayantara Prabhudeva latest news | Nayantara Prabhudeva not Quitting

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Published on May 31, 2015

Nayantara Prabhudeva latest news | Nayantara Prabhudeva not Quitting
Nayantara Prabhudeva settling in Singapore

South Indian film industry is filled with rumors about Nayantara and Prabhudeva planning to settle down in Singapore. YouTube videos showing the actress crying her heart out during the last day in the sets of “Sri Ramarajyam” spread like a virus through emails. It is said that Prabhudeva had started a dance academy in Singapore and the couple had finalized an apartment for their stay in the city. Nayantara Prabhudeva kept giving sensational interviews like “This is a new episode in my life” and so on.

Now the actress is starting to talk topsy turvy. God knows what happened in a fortnight. Nayantara Prabhudeva burst out in a recent press meet saying “All the four films I did last year were super hit? Why should I think of quitting?”It is not the first time Nayantara is doing this. News regarding her marriage and last film flooded the papers before a few months. The actress kept refusing new film chances and giving interviews until everybody confirmed she is retiring. Then she gave the historical statement she is not going to quit.

Nayantara Prabhudeva Quitting is drama?

Nayantara did not sign in any new project since then. But, the news subsided after her hot statement for a little while. The news started to re-appear in the media after the court confirmed Prabhu Deva’s divorce. Videos showing Nayantara crying her heart out, in the sets of “Sri Ramarajyam” during the last day, came like a visual confirmation to the news. Nayantara was seen bidding farewell to everybody in the crew with a heavy heart and pouring eyes. The crew bid her a grand farewell. Why should a person who do not have any idea of quitting the field, pull up such a stunt after completing one single project?

Nayantara says she was so moved by the crew’s love for her. They showered flowers on her. She was so touched and felt she should bid good-bye to everyone because they worked together for a long time. The actress once again made it clear any news about her quitting her career is baseless. Unconfirmed sources say the Nayantara is pressing Prabhudeva to accept Christianity. Let us see who wins the cold war between the (Nayantara Prabhudeva) lovers.

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