Nayantara How many lovers you keep changing?

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Published on April 26, 2015

Nayanthara – Modern Tamil Cinema Fans never forgot. Nayanthara keep feed news juice to Cinema Magazines, and Cinema Web sites. This Kerala beauty gets first buzz when paired with Rajinikanth in Chandramukhi and later she mesmerized with her glamour and love affair with little super star (?) STR or Simbu or Silambarasan (how many names man?). Simbu and Nayanthara loves broke, then Prabhu Deva and Nayantara mad love starts and this episode little long than former one. The four years love drama, Nayantara broke up with wife Ramalath officially and done settlement too. Nayantara converted into Hindu and both Nayan and Prabhu said big day will announce soon.

Now the cat came out, Nayantara Prabhu Deva ultimate historical love affair broke. Nayantara start to agree new movies…I am sick of discussing here about this broke instead you can read this post and get know the facts Nayantara Prabhu Deva love collapse
When beauty came there is proud pass into mind. Nayantara has this beauty proud too much. Whatever nayantara says the reason for these love failures. An ordinary Tamil cinema fan like me has only one question in my mind that how many lovers Nayantara keep changing? Lets we wait and watch… (What else I can do it in this matter?).

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