Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham Movie Review – Even the Gods Could Not Save the Audiences!

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Published on January 30, 2015

naveena-saraswathi-sabatham-Nivetha-1Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham is one of the latest flicks to hit the screen in Tamil cinema industry for this weekend. The movie is yet another comedy in Tamil cinema, which has been witnessing an array of comedies in recent times. Like most of the already released comedies, Naveena Sarawathi Sabatham too is not as comical as it is promoted and falls flat. It is up to the mindset of the audiences to laugh while watching this movie, but for sure everyone will be annoyed or disappointed as it works well for no one!

Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham is a mixture many already handled plots. The Hangover, Saraswathi Sabatham, Thiruvilayadal and many uncountable stage plays of S Ve Shekar and Crazy Mohan. The movie makes a story out of the sub plots of these earlier works but fails to deliver an enjoyable content as a package. To put the story shortly, a sex doctor (Jai) throws a bachelor party for his friends in Bangkok, which turns out to offer more and more surprises. What connection it has with the Gods?

naveena-saraswathi-sabatham-Jai-1Debutant director Chandru K tries to evoke humor with many different sequences in the first half. The Gods do all the practices of a modern man and there are more. However, the execution does not evoke laughter as expected. There are very few gigs spread very sparsely throughout the run time of the movie.

V T V Ganesh tries hard make things work in the second half but a poorly written script cannot make wonders with such efforts. The movie also delivers a message at the end. Songs come has hindrance to the proceedings and Venkat Prabhu’s guest appearance too offers no help to the two hours and twenty minutes lengthy screenplay.

Overall, even the presence of Gods could not help Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham work!


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