Namitha Kapoor No More Glamour

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Published on February 1, 2015

Namitha Kapoor  No More Glamour
Glamour bomb Namitha dropped an atom bomb saying she is bored in acting glamorous roles. The massive lady known for her beauty and sexiness was celebrated as the next Silk Smitha in Kollywood. But sadly, Nameetha has given out a statement which will leave most of her fans pouting. Namitha has developed sudden interest in playing character roles, rather than appearing as a glamour doll. She is trying to go off her limits to convince the directors and the producers about her talent.

Namitha’s last film in Tamil was “Ilaignan”. She played a negative role in the film and did it quite well. She expected to get more villainous roles. She even told media she had established herself as the next “Neelambari” in the Kollywood. But our directors did not use this beauties talent properly in their films. Frustrated Namitha tried her luck in a few Kannada and Telugu movies. Luckily she is said to have created quite a stir in both Telugu and Kannada film industry. Though her initial ventures were very glamorous there also, the directors are flocking her with homely roles, comedy roles and negative characters now.

Namitha is quite happy about this turn in her career. She recently announced to the press, that she will no longer concentrate on glamorous roles alone from now on. “I will show my skin, if it necessary for the story. But I think I can do so much better than that. So I will give preferences to roles which bring out my talent in acting from now on” she said. The beautiful actress is acting in two Kannada films at the moment and is booked in few more Telugu films too.

It is surprising how Namitha took such a silly decision when Tamanna’s and Trisha’s much younger than her are struggling to strive in those industries, even after showing much more glamor than her. Only god will understand what is going on in the minds and heads of our heroines. They are the best in taking wrong decisions at the perfect time. Fans can get ready to see Namitha in serials soon.


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