Naangam Pirai 3D Movie Review – Absolutely Annoying in all Dimensions

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Published on June 5, 2015


In very recent times, Tamil cinema has witnessed many movies coming with the 3D advantage. The idea of the filmmakers is to tap the audiences with the 3D factor, irrespective of the genre or script or celebrity advantage of the movie. Movies like Ambuli and the very recent Aadalam Boys Chinnatha Dance have all used the 3D as their ultimate selling point. Naangam Pirai 3D is yet another attempt, which according to the filmmakers has been shot entirely by the 3D camera.

Naangam-Pirai-Movie-Stills-2Naangam-Pirai-Movie-Stills-1Here is the plot of Naangam Pirai 3D. Roy (Sudhir) plans for a honeymoon trip to Romania, and on his way he resurrects the Dracula or the ‘Princess of Darkness’. Returning back to India, Roy meets Raghu (Aryan) who is desperate to get a job overseas. Raghu is engaged with the girl called Meena (Monal Gajjar) and Roy turns to meet her by chance. Roy ends up finding that Meena is none other than his own lover in his past life that has shades of grey. What happens to all the three? Will the Dracula in Roy spare Raghu?

Director Vinayan has induced all the perfect horror elements in Naangam Pirai 3D. The honeymoon trip, Dracula resurrection, a past love life and a revenge plot all together could have been put into great use but the director fails to make the right cut. Though these elements seem clichéd, a good use of them in a different color and flavor could have interested the audiences, but Naangam Pirai 3D simply disappoints the audiences.
The 3D factor too fails to save the movie from the poorly written screenplay. Sometimes, the 3D scenes annoy the audiences as there is a lack of finesse in the making of such scenes. The actors on the other hand have underplayed their roles, since their characterization has been written poorly.

Overall, Naangam Pirai 3D, despite the 3D factor, annoys the audiences in all dimensions!


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