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Published on February 12, 2015

naan-movie-stillsNaan is yet another example in Tamil cinema to prove that young and aspiring directors are coming up with fantastic piece of works. Director Jeeva Sankar, who is originally called Sankar, but has attached the name Jeeva because of his devotion to his guru, the late cinematographer Jeeva, with his debut flick, has hinted us that he can go to greater limits in this competitive cinema industry. In addition to this, Naan marks the entry of music director Vijay Antony playing the role of protagonist for the first time. For your information, Naan is also his twenty – fifth movie as a music composer.

naan-movie-stillsKarthick (Vijay Antony) wants to begin a fresh new life, after he gets out from a government home, the place where he grew up. When he tries to move to his home of relatives, all he faces is rejection. Hence, he decides to go to Chennai to begin a new way for his life. However, fate plays its own twists. The bus in which he travels to Chennai meets with an accident, leaving a few dead on the road. Fortunately, Karthick survives. However, his desperation to start a new life forces him to take the identity of a dead man in the accident. He joins the medical college in search of some hope, but his past comes back to haunt him again. Can he survive?
Director Jeeva Sankar is actually a cinematography technician. However, the flair and brilliance of his writing and screenplay tells us a different story. The way he narrates the story looks promising.  Each and every scene of Naan turns out to be more gripping than the previous one. The genre is thriller and all the elements of the movie do justice to the genre. There are a few minor blips along the screenplay, but overall, Naan gives you a feel that you have watched a good thriller.

Vijay Antony proves that he can act too. He does his job perfectly, except in some highly emotional scenes. Actress Rupa Manjari too does not disappoint, but actress Anuya has no big role to play.

Vijay Antony’s music is surely a big plus to the movie, especially, the rerecording works.

Overall, Naan is a gripping thriller that you should not miss this weekend!

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