Naan Ee Movie Review A Good Visual and Commercial Treat

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Published on May 12, 2015

Naan Ee Another great Hit Movie from SS Rajamouli
Naan Ee, or Eega in Telugu, is the latest bilingual offering from the director S S Rajamouli, who was also the director of Magadheera aka, Maaveeran in Tamil. Naan Ee’s highlight is its visuals, where most of the movie consists of an animated fly taking revenge against the antagonist. Naan Ee has a predictable revenge story and top notch commercial elements, which kills logic. However, the director has shaped the movie in such a way that it serves as a visual and commercial treat to every kind of the audiences.
Very Simple and Straight Story
Here is the story of Naan Ee. Bindhu (Samantha) with her beauty and good heart attracts his neighbor Nani (Nani). Nani falls in love with her instantly. Even Bindhu has love for Nani, but keeps him guessing about her feelings for him. In the meanwhile, Sudeep (Sudeep), a millionaire businessman lusts after Bindhu and is desperate to have her. When Nani finally succeeds in knowing that Bindhu too loves her, Sudeep kills Nani, as he considers him as a disturbance to have Bindhu. Now, Nani, with all his thirst for revenge, gets back to life as a housefly and pursues Sudeep to end his life. What happens then?

The Characters perfection
What makes Naan Ee a good commercial movie is the director’s sensible characterization of the lead roles and the antagonist. The characters appear on screen with absolute perfection in both their looks and in their expressions. Sudeep as the villain definitely makes an impact in the minds of movie watchers.

SS Rajamouli Brilliant Direction
S S Rajamouli’s brilliance is once again seen in the new ways with which he has created the scenes of revenge. The romantic scenes featuring Nani and Samantha are a treat to watch. However, Santhanam’s comical appearances cause a hindrance to the pace of the screenplay, although he makes the audiences laugh.

The top notch thing of Naan Ee is its visual graphics. The graphic works of Makuta VFX works great on screen and makes the animated housefly look like a real one except in a scene or two.

Overall, Naan Ee answers the skeptics by putting the things in right and appreciable way, which guarantees entertainment and visual treat!

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