Mynaa Amala Paul following the Glamour Route

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Published on June 2, 2015

Amala Paul got introduced in the controversial movie “Sindu Samaveli”. Right from her first movie, the actress did not show any reluctance in acting in glamorous roles. Her hit film “Mynaa” featured her in a very homely village girl character. The actress was given numerous offers to do many such roles after that movie. But she was clever enough to filter the roles, giving her equal chance to show both glamour and her acting skills.
The industry is waiting eagerly for her next release “Deiva Thirumagal”. Amala Paul plays an important role in the film along with Vikram and Anushka. The lady was initially criticized for accepting a small role in film with so many megastars. But she is very confident that it will be a turning point in her career. She acts as Arya’s pair in the film “Vettai”. The director of the film Liguswamy is known for his special romantic touch. The director assured there are a lot of hot scenes between Arya and Amala Paul in the movie. He praised the actress for her co-operation in acting so closely with Arya in such scenes.

“Vettai” will hit scenes shortly after “Deiva Thirumagal”. So the actress will have back-to-back movies one showing her in a character role and one showing her in a glamorous role. Unlike her colleagues Amala Paul does not dream to prove herself in Tollywood or Bollywood. Her first preference is always Kollywood. However, the actress was interested in doing a Malayalam project which came her way. But since the dates she gave to the film “Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal” and the dates they required were the same, she was not able to sign the project.

The director of the film Ganesh Viayak has directed the film with much more glamour and sexy shots shown in Malayalam movies to please Amala Paul. Industry talks confirm that Amala Paul fans are in for a treat in the movie “Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal”. Atharva is the hero of the film. The film depicts the love life of two modern IT professionals. The hot stills of the movie have already created a great excitement among the public.


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    Amala u are the heart Beat of tamil Flims at the moment all the BEST

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