Murattu Kaalai Movie Review A Typical Commercial Remake

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Published on April 29, 2015

The Remake of Rajinikanth Murattukaalai
Muruttu Kaalai, starring Sundar C and Sneha in the lead roles, is a remake of the Rajnikanth starrer with the same title, which released way back 25 years ago. The original is one of important movies in the Rajnikanth’s line of flicks, which worked incredibly well with the mass audiences. Director Selva Bharathi of Ninaithaen Vandhaai and Priyamaanavalae fame has tried to recreate the same magic that the original Rajni starrer did.

The Murattukaalai Story
The story of Murattu Kaalai is a simple one set in a rural background. Kaalaiyan (Sundar C) lives with his four brothers and does anything for their happiness. Varadharajan (Suman) is a big shot in the village and he approaches Kaalaiyan to marry his sister after witnessing the impressive bravery of Kaalaiyan. However, Kaalaiyan refuses to marry Varadharajan’s sister, which earns him the anger of Varadharajan. In the meanwhile, Bhuvana (Sneha) escapes from Varadharajan’s custody and seeks the help of Kaalaiyan for a settled life. Kaalaiyan offers her the help and later falls in love with Bhuvana, which again calls for the anger of Varadharajan. Now, Varadharajan wants to destroy Kaalaiyan to quench his anger. Can Kaalaiyan survive Varadharajan’s forces?

People taste have changed lot
The success rate of commercial flicks depends on how perfect the proportions of genres are in them. The original Murattu Kaalai had the mix of action, drama, comedy and romance in the right proportions, which was the core reason for its astounding success. The remake version, however, fails to get the proportions perfect. You cannot blame the director, may be the people’s taste have changed a lot over three decades. However, with the improvements in film technology, still the movie does not manage to impress the audiences.

The Remake Murattukaalai Verdict
The director, however, does a neat job in the characterization. Sundar C does not carry any impression of Rajnikanth and has done the role in his own style. However, Suman playing the antagonist role is not as good as Jai Shankar in the original.

Given that the editing was good and the screenplay was a little more interesting, the new version of Murattu Kaalai would have found the box office magic that its original version did.


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