Moondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal Movie Review – It is all about Love!

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Published on May 30, 2015

Vimal-Arjun-in-Moondru-Per-Moondru-KadhalMoondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal is the latest offering from the acclaimed filmmaker Vasanth. Director Vasanth was in silent mode for almost six years since his Satham Podathe movie released way back in the year of 2007. Moondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal is a multi starrer that stars seniors in the industry like Arjun and Cheran and the upcoming actor Vemal. The movie is of romance genre and the director has stuck to the genre quite nicely, setting up the mood of love in even the finest details of the movie. However, what is disappointing is that Vasanth has not given a fitting end to what he intended to do.

Moondru-Per-Moondru-Kaadhal-Press-MeetMoondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal tracks three stories in a parallel way. Varun (Vemal) and Anjana (Lasini), Harris (Arjun) and Divya (Surveen Chawla), Guna (Cheran) and Mallika (Mukhtha Banu) are the three lovely pairs around whom the stories revolve around. Another interesting thing is that each love story happens in three different landscapes – the plains, the sea and the hills. How the characters meet, what brews their romance, how they handle it and how they get together in life is what makes the plot of Moondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal.
Moondru-Per-Moondru- Kadhal-Director-SM-Vasanth
Breathtaking landscapes, awesome visuals, interesting and dignified characters, and above all romance sets the tone of Moondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal in a great way. Director Vasanth does not care about the commercial element lovers and as usual has gone with his own style of filmmaking. The movie moves at a slow pace, the characters care for details, they mostly come from the well to do and happy families and are mostly practical in their approach.

While the above things have clearly worked as an advantage of Moondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal, director Vasanth seems to have struggled in taking things further as the movie does not appear to find a fitting end to its proceedings.

Songs were already a hit, thanks to Yuvan Shankar Raja, but their inclusion dampen the pace of the already snail paced movie. Visuals are stunning thanks to the brilliant camerawork.

Moondru Paer Moondru Kaadhal, overall, can be appreciated for the director’s approach, but might disappoint if you care for the end result.


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