Moodar Koodam Movie Review – A Slightly Entertaining Black Comedy

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Published on February 9, 2015

Moodar-Koodam-Stills-6Moodar Koodam is one of the latest flicks to hit the screens in Tamil cinema. The movie has been directed by a debutant director called Naveen.  Moodar Koodam has come as another black comedy from another debutant director this year in Kollywood, which seems to be the successful trend with the likes of Soodhu Kavvum and Neram. A mix of grey in its theme packed with comical characters, black comedy is catching up fast with the Tamil cinema audiences, as both Soodhu Kavvum and Neram became successful. Moodar Koodam, however, will not entertain you as much as the former movies did.

Naveen (Naveen), Sentrayan (Sentrayan), Vellasamy (Rajaj) and Kuberan (Kuberan) are forced to meet each other by circumstances. All living poor lives, they are fed up with their lifestyle. They want to become rich quickly and come to a decision that robbing a rich man would be the only way. They decide to rob Vellasamy’s uncle, who is a rich chit fund owner. However, they come to know a truth that Vellasamy’s uncle has gone bankrupt with his company, once they get into his house. It is too late to get back and things turn into a set of chaotic events.

Although the story and the theme of the movie appears to be an interesting one, debutant director Naveen fails to make the narration in an interesting way. The into – your – face style of narration does not suit to the plot, especially when the audiences have seen so many successful black comedies this year. The second half of the movie misses the pace, and hence, the audiences feel a bit disappointed.

However, the absurd presentation of characters and sharp one liners come as the positive points for Moodar Koodam. Not a must watch, but you can watch Moodar Koodam once if you have no other interesting way to spend time!

Plus Interesting Story, Comedy
Minus Black Comedy Plot
Verdict Can watch one time. Ananda Vikatan gave 50/100 mark.






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