Mirattal Movie Review Expect Less from this Commercial Entertainer

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Published on February 10, 2015

Mirattal is yet another commercial potboiler that has hit the screens now in Kollywood. The audiences of Tamil cinema are used to commercial genres of Tamil movies already. While the yesteryear commercial movies had room for a bit of family sentiment drama sequences, nowadays’ commercial cinemas just concentrate on action and comedy sequences. Mirattal too follows such usual suit, and makes good attempts at keeping the audiences entertained throughout the movie with high action and good comedy.

For your information, Mirattal is remake of the Telugu movie Dhee. Here is the story. Babloo (Vinay) is a con artist. He works as an assistant to a local goon called Shankar Dada (Prabhu). Shankar Dada has a rival called Soori (Pradeep Rawat), whose only aim is to take revenge against Shankar Dada, as he believes he is the reason behind his son’s death. Hence, Soori plans to kill Deepika (Sharmila Mandre), Shankar Dada’s sister. In the meantime, Deepika falls in love with Babloo, but her love is opposed by her brother. Can Babloo convince Shankar Dada to marry his sister? Can he also solve the problem of Soori?

The plans of the director, Madhesh, from the very scene, are quite clear. He indirectly tells the movie watchers that the movie is all about high action and comedy, which means there is less room for good content. Each and every sequence in the movie does justice to its commercial genre. The comedy sequences are taken care by Santhanaam and he does well as usual with his one liners.

The first half of the movie moves in an entertaining way, with many comedy sequences and only one song. However, the second half negates the goodness of the first half. Too many unnecessary songs pop up, which are just pain to the ears. The climax too is quite predictable.

Vinay has played his role sensibly and Sharmila Mandre makes no issues in lip sync. However, Pravin Mani’s background score is just too much noise.

Overall, Mirattal would be an okay entertainer, if you expect less from it!


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