Mathil Mel Poonai Movie Review – Too Much Violence and Lack of Content

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Published on January 31, 2015

mathil-mel-poonaiMathil Mel Poonai is one of the latest flicks in Tamil cinema industry to the screens for this weekend. Mathil Mel Poonai is directed by the director Bharani Jayapal and the movie stars actor Vijay Vasanth, who acted in character roles in movies like Chennai 600028 and Naadodigal, in the lead role. The director of Mathil Mel Poonai seems to have got his inspiration from the Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino, whose movies have too much of gore and violence. However, the director does not seem to learn the lesson that only a good content can be supported by too much violence and gore.

mathil-mel-poonai-3mathil-mel-poonai-4The director of Mathil Mel Poonai has taken to an unusual route of storytelling. He submits two different plots in front of the audiences on screen in the first half and he converge them into one in the second half. Five kids, who do not have proper guidance from the teachers and parents, resort to all sorts of pranks and crimes. Johnny, one of the five, does not like Sriram as he is studious and has an eye for the prettiest girl in the class called Divya (Vibha). Johnny kills Sriram and the four kids get caught and go to juvenile prison. They come back and target Divya who is now happily married to Karthik (Vijay). Can Karthik handle them?

Bharani Jayapal’s story has the revenge factor, which has been tried and tested so many times in all forms of cinema. The director again takes the clichéd route. The director also fails back the characters with strong establishment of reason for their actions. For an instance, the director fails to say why the five kids who resort violence need to do what they actually do. The second half of the movie moves in a hilly region, which seems to be an absolute editorial blunder.
Overall, Mathil Mel Poonai is not for weak hearted and not for those who expect a good time out there in theaters!


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