Mathapoo Movie Review – A Disappointing Attempt of Romance!

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Published on February 10, 2015

Mathapoo-Movie-Stills-5Mathapoo, a latest movie of romance genre, takes us to the old school way of narrating a love story, which was very popular in Tamil some one or two decades ago. Romance is one genre that is never going to bore any cinema viewer. However, Mathapoo movie comes as a complete boring stuff and tires the audiences very soon, as the screenplay and the characters appear very much in a cliched way.
Mathapoo-Movie-Stills-7Mathapoo-Movie-Stills-6Here is the story of Mathapoo. Karthick (Jayan) is in a situation of moving to Chennai from his hometown Trichy, as he has some problems with the local goons. Once he lands in Chennai, he seems Pooja (Gayathri) and falls in love with her at the first sight. To avoid problems, he convinces Pooja’s family to accept him as Pooja’s life partner. However, he is never able to get the love of Pooja, however hard he tries to express his love. Later, Karthick learns that Pooja has a sad past, which is stopping her to reciprocate his love. What can Karthick do now?

Directed by director Dhinathorum Nagaraj, Mathapoo is a movie that has three fights and five songs for formality, which could easily disappoint the audiences in the very first place. In a clichéd way, the director takes a good part of the movie to introduce the lead roles with opening songs and such sequences. Even the second half of the movie turns out to be a dud one, as the twist becomes very bleak.

The new actors in lead roles, Jayan and Gayathri, have a long way to go to deliver perfect expressions and body language. The actors in character roles give a breather to the movie watchers, as they do their jobs perfectly. The songs further add woes to the awful proceedings, as they are not placed properly.

Mathapoo, on the whole, is a dud sparkler of love!

Plus Need to search
Minus 5 Songs+ 3 fights formula
Verdict You can buy a cracker (mathappoo) and enjoy with family members.



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