Mariyaan Heroine Actress Parvathy Menon not ready for a Race

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Published on June 8, 2015

Mariyaan heroine Parvathy Menon already received critical accolades from National Award Tamil Movie Poo

Actress Parvathy clearly had an edge over other actresses in the south cinema industry, when her debut flick Poo was released. She impressed everyone in the cinema industry, which fortunately earned her many offers in the cinema industry. However, the gorgeous actress made use of her attitude of working for just the best and that is the reason why Parvathy is yet to steal most of the cinema limelight. While most other actresses would have become desperate to make the most of it at the right time, Parvathy wants to remain calm and look for something substantial and concrete when it comes to her choosing of roles in cinema. The actress simply says that the rat race among the different actresses is not her way of profession!



Quiz the actress regarding her calm and patient approach towards choosing the roles and opportunities in south cinema, the actress says that she has always craved for something that is worth spending time and resources for. She adds that she would do only the roles that fit to her own bill, or else, she would be quite happy to sit at home or finding some other profession.



After a long break of four years in Tamil cinema industry, the actress has now signed on two projects titled Chennayil Oru Naal and Mariyaan, which also stars actor Dhanush in the lead role with Bharath Bala direction. Even in other industries, the actress did not commit herself to any new project last year. Ask why she waited for a year, the actress replies that many people in the industry want to keep themselves busy and do two or more projects simultaneously. She adds that she does not belong to such kind of filmmaking. She further adds that she would always prefer taking up one role for two months and getting out of it and taking a big break before taking the next. The actress says that such a method gives her a psychological high.

Mariyaan heroine Actress Parvathy not ready for a Race!

Mariyaan heroine Actress Parvathy not ready for a Race!

The 24 year old actress also adds that she rejected almost 15 offers after her critically acclaimed Poo, but her wait has now been justified with the opportunity of Mariyaan!


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