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Published on February 19, 2015

Mansoor Alikhan - Real Comdey Actor in Tamil CinemaTamil Cinema supporting actor Mansoor Alikhan is known for his revolutionary acts. Tamil Cinema is one of the most sentiment industry that all new movie inaugurations done in good time. Tamil Cinema producers and lead actors always relied on astrology. But, Tamil Actor Mansoor Alikhan differs from rest of the Tamil Cinema.
1.    Produced the longest titled Tamil Movie. The name of the movie – Rajadhi Raja Raja Kulothunga Raja Marthanda Raja Gambeera Kathavaraya Krishna Kamarajan
2.    In Movie inauguration make run the cats which the Tamil Cinema believes Cats running in inauguration as bad sentiment..
3.    Joined in political party then came out from that party and contest election independently. Keep changing the political party. Either he out from the party or political party throws him. We don’t know currently which party he belongs to? (We doubt  he knows that too?)
4.    Sent to Jail for rape case. In Cinema he raped lot of girls but, he does it practically and got the prize of jail. Still lot of revolution he does if I explain in this page then this page is not enough. So, jump into the subject.

Whatever is happening Mansoor Alikhan never tired. He came up with his own production movie LOLLU DHA DHA PARAK PARAK . This said to be comedy movie which slated to release for this year Diwali.
Here is LOLLU DHA DHA PARAK PARAK Movie and Audio Launch Stills


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