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Published on September 12, 2012

Actor Appukutti proved his acting talents onscreen in Azhaghar Samiyin Kuthirai, which earned him a national award. However, his role in Azhaghar Samiyin Kuthirai was backed well with a neatly sketched work of director Suseenthiran. In Mannaru, he plays the lead role which goes by the same name as the tile of the movie. The role of Mannaru, sketched by director of the movie, S Jaishankar, stands as an example to the young filmmakers how poorly etched characters cannot survive onscreen even though portrayed by award winning actors!

The story of Mannaru has no larger than life sequences. It is a simple village based story which revolves around a man called Mannaru. Mannaru’s character is that he has less wit, but drags himself into troubles without aware of the situations and the consequences. Circumstances drag Mannaru into the problems of his friend’s love, and to help his friend, he takes his friend’s wife along with him to his home to safeguard her from the enemies. However, his own villagers think that Mannaru and his friend’s wife are the real married couple. Eventually problems crop up, and can Mannaru solve them?

It seems very easy to list out the problems of the Mannaru movie. First of all, the script is loosely constructed, which appears as if the plot is bent awkwardly to the director’s convenience to focus Mannaru as the primary character. Second, all other characters do not seem to fit to the fullness of the plot. The characters seem to lack even the basic logic and sense in some sequences.

Another problem with this movie is that, the director seems to have confused the genres of comedy and melodrama, and finds no balance in mixing them perfectly. Actor Appukutti tries every bit to make the movie lively, but his effort yields no better result.

Overall, Mannaru is a movie that you can easily ignore!

Verdict  – Poorly Sketched Roles for a Loosely Constructed Script!


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