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Published on May 27, 2015

O Kadhal Kanmani is a light-hearted Tamil romantic drama written and directed by Mani Ratnam. Produced by Mani’s own production house Madras Talkies, O Kadhal Kanmani (also known as OK Kanmani), is a convincing story beautifully told by actors who happen to completely morph into the roles they get to play.

Starring Malayalam actors Nithya Menon (playing Tara) and Dulquer Salmaan (playing Aadi), OK Kanmani features Prakash Raj, Prabhu Lakshman, Leela Samson, Ramya Subramaniam, B.V. Doshi (in a cameo) , and Kanika (in another cameo). Cinematography has been done by P. C. Sreeram and editing has been handled by A. Sreekar Prasad. Music has been composed by the brilliant A. R. Rahman and song lyrics have been penned by Vairamuthu.

The narrative of OK Kanmani is able to connect with the viewers, courtesy its poignantly romantic moments and beautifully emotional scenes that make it hard for the audience to blink back tears. Have this not always been the highlights of movies made by the evergreen ace director Mani Ratnam? Combined with soul-stirring music and poetic cinematography, the entire package of OK Kanmani fulfills expectations and goes beyond.

Exploring the institution named “marriage” and weighing its relevance in the present-day society, OK Kanmani, with its old and acclaimed team of Mani, Sreeram, Rahman, and Vairamuthu, wins hearts. The urban youth, Aadi, is played perfectly by Dulquer while Nithya, not portrayed as just another glamorous girl, oozes a refreshing individuality. She is thus successful in giving life to Tara who also has a mind of her own. The character played by Leela Samson is a veteran Carnatic singer which is why there is an unmistakable Carnatic flavor throughout the film’s music that blends the past with the present. The original soundtrack which is trendy and modern goes excellently well with the modern-Mumbai setting that the movie has.

Overall, the eagerly-awaited O Kadhal Kanmani is a heartwarming and enjoyable romantic treat from Mani Ratnam.

O Kadhal Kanmani – Mani Ratnam Wins Hearts, Again!

Baasky asking some questions to ManiRatnam about the Story of Oh Kadhal Kanmani

  1. Priya Mani

    Worst Movie Ever……..

  2. Karthikeyan Haldurai

    you were one of my most trusted and unbiased reviewer. But this came with a
    bias for sure. This is definitely not a good movie and a complete

    OK Kanmani is far from being OK. It’s all out crappy! If this is the best
    that Mani sir, AR sir & Vairamuthu sir can come up with, then we are
    definitely through with their best days.

    Absolutely ridiculous story line with nothing to take away. In fact, it
    makes a mockery of how we fall in love or choose a partner for live-in or

    But if this is what the current college going generation identifies with in
    terms of a relationship, or class movie making, or great music, them I’m
    glad I’ve got nothing to do with it.

    ‪#‎notokkanmani‬ ‪#‎justridiculouskanmani‬ ‪#‎surrenderkanmani‬

  3. Gnanasekaran R

    very worst movie….your review seems me that you are blindly supporting

  4. Preetham S

    I don’t understand why most of the comments are criticizing Bosskey, when
    he has given a positive review about the movie :O

  5. Bharath Kumar

    gayle la pathu six matter super.

  6. Sudar Kalay

    This is what happen when everybody want to critic and review. It is a
    movie, entertainment purpose. Stop reacting as though it’s a education law!
    Padethe pathema,ponnema nhu irengje bass!

  7. shademonegalaxy

    Let me clarify your doubt mister bosskey! .. The girl “Tara” is allowed to
    live in Prakash Raj’s house bcoz she attracts them with a beautiful
    carnatic song “Malargal ketten” which eventually makes prakash raj
    No errors in this film.. Some people find the film makes them feel lengthy!
    But to me, maniratnam once again proved he’s a good natural story-teller!

  8. Ramu always smile it costs nothing

    bosskey boss , review is good. but you can avoid some spoilers sir. a kind

  9. Kool john

    super review !!! it is remake of “friends with benefit”
    movie semma mokka.

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