Manipuri Model SUNILA Hot and Spicy Photoshoot




Maanu was from Assam and acted in Kadhal Mannan.. Manu now settled in Singapore and she came into news when super star Rajinikanth was getting treatment in Singapore.. Here We are publishing another North East India side – Manipur beauty Sunila to you.

Manipur actress Sunila the sure beautiful and sexiest actress. When We are googling to search more details about this stunning actress We could not found more details in search page. Instead of her photos are spread across the Internet. So Many of you are enjoying these beauty photos without want to know the inner details. Anyway if anyone found the more details about her, Please put as a comment and get a reward.

   Manipuri Model SUNILA Hot and Spicy Photoshoot

 Manipuri music video

28 thoughts on “Manipuri Model SUNILA Hot and Spicy Photoshoot

  1. manipuri ama oina ishagi traditionbu meyamd uthlningi but ur modelling of just type is llike kassu….. ha8

  2. photoshop….noobs!

  3. 4 pics are fack other are true go on it is your decison but don’t exploit yourself, and please don’t pass any comment if you don’t like

  4. sidi bera thi taihehe kashubi oll leire ne sidi pirdiko

  5. Some of the more revealing pictures are definitely photoshopped and fake. These days the photography industry has progressed so much that the untrained eye cannot tell what is real and what is fake. Look closer. Her body structure does not remain consistent in those revealing pictures. Zoom in at the edges of the face and hair, you’ll notice some blurring and unclarity. There are such fake pictures of so many celebrities and stars. Don’t just jump to conclusion, OBSERVE!!

  6. Yengbada painingba ama yaowe hey ….

  7. keep it up ……………………..nxt time it will be full nuds. its batter to sold it……………………………………..

  8. U luk great…keep it babe.

  9. Ramesh Slabodani says:

    Girl, you are great. Those who condemned you saying that you embarrass the entire Manipuri or Meitei community simply ENVY your beauty. If they are so cool – why wouldnt they post own pictures? I tell you why: they have nothing to show but old bones and long tongues :) Beauty, wish you good luck! ALWAYS AHEAD AND NEVER ABACK! God bless you. You have a briliant future! I love you~

  10. whatso eva, do ur best …..dont giv a damn to ny1…..wishin’ u luck……..

  11. yaam tukatcheiye

  12. U look like a bimbo in dis snap…. never click like dis its aweful and embarrasing the entire manipur

  13. yeah ur beautiful but don’t snap hot,sexy,spicy or watever it does not look great but still nanng yam fajeyeh

  14. what the hell is this? i thought manipuri actresses/ models were known for being modest? you’re already pretty. you dont have to expose yourself too much. this is seriously obsene and embarassing for the meitei community.

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