Mandy Thakar says she is Sexy and Sensuous in Biriyani

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Published on January 20, 2013

Mandy Thakar, as we all know, is playing an important role in the upcoming flick of Venkat Prabhu’s Biriyani, which also stars Karthi in the lead role. She is a Punjabi girl born and brought up in London and have played many roles in Punjabi movies. The seductive Punjabi actress opens up to the media about her acting career and her role in the upcoming flick Biriyani. Since, Biriyani is her first movie in Tamil cinema industry, the actress feels all excited to speak about Biriyani.



Mandy Thakar says that she is playing quite a different role from the ones that she played in many Punjabi movies. She adds that is used to playing simple, sweet and girl next door kind of roles wearing only salwar kameez. However, it seems she is playing a very sensuous role in Biriyani alongside actor Karthi, which excites the actress so much.

Mandy Thakar Sexy Bikini Scene Video from BIRIYANI ?

She reveals that she was very nervous while facing the camera first time in Biriyani, since she had to wear tight revealing clothes and high heels in front of the camera for the first time. She adds that she is desperate about how the Tamil audiences will respond to her role and acting.

Karthi and Mandy Thankar in Venkat Prabhu BIRIYANI

Karthi and Mandy Thakar in Venkat Prabhu BIRIYANI

Questioning further, the actress adds that her role is a sizzling one and she is playing the character by getting out of her own interests. She says that she is not used to such practices in real life, but adds that she is able to pull off what the director asks her to perform in front of the camera. She adds that she has even performed a pole dancing sequence, which made her quite nervous while shooting it. She further adds that she gets the help of assistant directors to get word-to-word English translation of her Tamil dialogues, so that she can come up with better expressions. She signs off saying that it has been a wonderful experience working with Biriyani team!


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