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Published on April 27, 2015

After Sexy Actress Shakeela stepped down from the glamorous roles, there are lot of actress are trying to capture the Shakeela (?) position. Actress Jeniffer is one of them. This Malaysia based actress Jeniffer has same body structure like shakeela now performing in couple of second grade Tamil movies. Here is some of the Malaysia Shakeela Jeniffer Hot Stills for you.. Enjoy.

Malaysia Shakeela Jeniffer Hot Stills

  1. rr

    Can we have more pic?

  2. Are you black skin or fair…because I saw some flour appear when you are sweating in that posters?

    What size bra you wear ….superbra or me subra? Im waiting as I told samy velu …he also likes you….welcome to my guest house in mlaysia soon……….can?

  3. Jennifer ,I love you …I wanna put my cock landing to your big long breast ….as you showed in cinema Tappu….you welcome to my home show privately ….I pay you what amount? I got a lot of money since I was 30 years in politics,…..come I waiting for you

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